Life Expectancy:  How Long Will Magnetic Media Last?  

Popular belief has always been that the information stored on videotape is permanent. Magnetic tape (cassettes, VHS and camcorder tapes) has allowed us to document and replay our history. Nevertheless, magnetic media has a very limited life span and your priceless sounds and images could soon be lost forever!


The truth is videotape is not forever. Unlike movie film, which can last for decades, videotape is far more fragile. In fact, no magnetic recording medium is permanent. All magnetic tape older than 15 years is in serious jeopardy! The greatest problem with videotape is that over time it will breakdown. Breakdown occurs when the binder that holds the magnetic particles to the polyester base on the tape decays. As the breakdown process progresses, the tapes become extremely difficult to play. The problem may be so severe that the magnetic material literally falls off, leaving a pile of dust and clear tape. I have actually opened a tape box to find a box full of oxide dust-rust.



Videotape to MP4 (or DVD)
(up to 2 hours)
1-25 tapes   $30 ea.
25+ tapes   $25 ea.

DVD Charge  

$10 ea.
PAL or SECAM Conversion
Extra Charge $15 ea.
USB 3.0 drives
(for MP4 video files)
64Gb. $25 ea.
Additional Video Services
Extra MP4 Movie Copies $10 ea.
Extra DVD Copies

$25 ea.

Videotape Repair $25 ea.

Go-Digital is equipped to transfer most formats of videotape:

  • VHS
  • Betamax
  • VHS-C
  • 8mm (camcorder)
  • Hi8 (camcorder)
  • MiniDV (camcorder)

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