The Slide Scanning Process

Slides are first cleaned with compressed air. This removes any extra dust and other particles without damaging the slide. For this we use a special air compressor to allow just the right amount of air pressure.


Our process is truly unique as we don't flatbed scan the slides. We use specialized process whereby we photograph them with a DLSR 14 megapixel camera. This optimum quality would allow you to produce a print up to 16’ x 20’ without pixelation.


Manual Colour Correction Service

If the slide has a yellow cast to it, in many cases we can neutralize that color and bring back the original colors. We will check for the whitest pixel in the important viewable area of the image and reset that to the 100% white value, and do the same for black. No software program can do this because we are evaluating the image based on the important data and disregarding things like backlighting from windows and such. If your images has a colour cast to them or are too dark, just ask our image scanning technician to employ the manual colour correction service. We can even enhance one or two images so that you can see how beautiful your slides can be.


Standard 35mm Slides

         (in 2" square mounts)

1-100 $2.00 ea.
101-500 $1.50 ea.
501-1000 $1.00 ea.
1000+ Please call

Non-Standard Slides

  (flat-bed scanning required)

1-100 $5.00 ea.
101-500 $4.00 ea.
500+ Please call

We prefer that you submit the slides to us in their original trays or Kodak carousels as it will maintain the sequence of the scanned images according to the original slides. Slides are scanned at 2400dpi.

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