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At GO-DIGITAL we strive to provide you with the highest quality and exceptional customer service to bring your old movies, videos, photos, slides, negatives and audio recordings into this modern age of digital. Now, you can share these memories with family and friends on convenient DVDs or CDs, USB jump-drives or hard drives. Analog is dead.....long live DIGITAL!


Video tape has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years and eventually the tape will degrade and the recording will be lost forever. GO-DIGITAL to the rescue!


We will convert all the various video formats of your precious memories to DVD or video file format on an external hard drive which you can easily edit on your computer. PAL (Foreign) formats can be converted to NTSC (local) format.



You know those little yellow boxes of Kodak film reels that captured memories of the past; it's time to view and share with family members and best friends, preserved for generations to come.


Avoid the hassle of setting up the projector and screen. Enjoy the convenience of watching your 8mm and 16mm films on your TV or computer. Don't let them fade away!


We provide a comprehensive audio conversion service of your audio-cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes and LPs to CDs.


Access your cherished recordings from a robust and durable digital format. Music tracks are individually separated to allow easy navigation to the next song or previous track. CDs are all labelled with artist and song listing.


Alternately audio can be provided in MP3 or WAV format for use in social media, phones, tablets, USB drives, etc.


We all have a shoebox full of photos, slides and negatives just begging to be shared and enjoyed by family and friends. Let us transform your precious old, faded or new photos into high-resolution digital images at an affordable price.


We can also create slide-show presentations with titles and background music of your choice; an excellent gift for that special occasion!


GO-DIGITAL specialize in scanning 35mm slides into high-quality JPEG files at optimum resolution for viewing on large TV screens, posting images on social media or producing prints.


Get the family around and re-live those past memories by presenting your precious collection of slides without the hassle of setting up the slide projector and screen or dealing with those cumbersome slide carousels and trays.

Volume discounts are available!


GO-DIGITAL specialises in high quality negative scanning of your precious old, faded or new negatives and restore them into high quality digital images at an affordable price.

Your 35mm negatives are scanned using specialized dedicated negative scanning equipment into JPEG files at various resolutions and put onto a DVD for viewing or editing on your computer, television or digital photo frame and returned to you with your original negatives. 'Digital Ice' is utilized to reduce dust and achieve optimum quality.

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