Every media has a starting point and when it comes to photo's every image is created from film. At Go-Digital we can scan your photos and get very good results but like any reproduction, every time you make a copy of a copy a certain level of quality must be sacrificed! If you demand the best in quality then take it back to its first capture point. Let us scan your negatives and digitize them for eternity.


Woodbridge’s Most Reliable Photo Negatives Transfer to DVD

Excellent Photos to DVD Services

The best 35 mm slides to DVD


Standard 35mm Colour Negatives


1-50 frames $1.00 each
51-100 frames 75c each
101-500 frames 50c each
501+ frames 30c each

Standard 35mm Black & White Negatives


1-50 frames $3.00 each
51-100 frames $2.50 each
101-500 frames $2.00 each
501+ frames $1.50 each

Non-Standard Negatives


1-50 frames $3.00 each
501-100 frames $2.50 each
101-500 frames $2.00 each
501+ frames $1.50 each

35mm or APS Negatives Uncut Rolls


35mm - 24 exposures $8.99 per roll
35mm - 36 exposures $10.99 per roll
APS - 25 exposures $7.99 per roll
APS - 40 exposures $9.99 per roll

35mm Negatives cannot be scanned if there are less than two frames on the strip.

Colour negatives are de-dusted by DIGITAL ICE but black & white negatives have to be manually de-dusted. Non-standard negatives have to be scanned on flatbed scanner. Negatives are scanned at 1200 dpi.

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