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Audio conversion is the service that is sadly overlooked. All the original music that is sitting on pressed vinyl sitting in milk crates or reel-to-reel tape that sits on a shelf because who has a player anymore and although those tiny cassettes were cutting edge they are now sitting in a cassette case and you don't have the heart to throw them in the trash!


Go-Digital will take all your analog music and convert it to a digital format that will last forever and never degrade. We have the best equipment that will bring your audio to life. Once your media is digitized we will then divide all the audio into tracks to help you find that exact location on song with ease.


Get your Audio Cassettes transferred to CD

Reel To Reel conversion to CD


Vinyl LPs   $25 ea.
Audio-cassettes (60 minutes - C60)  $25 ea.
Audio-Cassettes (90 minutes - C90) $30 ea.
Reel-to-Reel Audiotapes (per hour)  $40 ea.
Additional Audio Services
Extra CD copies   $10 ea.
Audio-Cassette Repair   $10 ea.
Custom Editing   $50 per hour

Volume discounts available!

Audio transfer can be either to CD, MP3 or Wav formats.


Each CD holds a capacity of 74 minutes. If content exceeds 74 minutes, an additional CD will be produced and charged for accordingly.


Tracks containing music will be separated to allow easy navigation. However, vocal recordings may be unable to separate.


All CDs are labelled with artist name and playlist titles.

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