The Importance of digitizing your home movies 

For film buffs, the movie collection is one of the most valuable things that they have. A film lover’s nightmare is to discover that his priceless treasure has deteriorated as time goes. Today, you should reap the benefits of living in the digital age by digitizing your home movies and footage before it’s too late. 


  1. The quality stays with you 


When you store your favorite movies in film or VHS, these physical mediums will certainly deteriorate in long time, which will destroy the quality of the priceless images. Your favorite scenes will become blurry because your analog media quality is now totally different. When digitizing movies, the quality of images will stay with you. It just stays there. 



  1. Easy storage. Light and convenient. 


Do the math. 100 VHS taking up an entire shelf or 100 DVDs on one self? You can bring your DVDs anywhere with you to watch your favorite movies. 



  1. Get access to your movies at any time from any place 


When digitizing your movie collection and storing on formats like DVDs, you can easily browse and watch your favorite movie from any modern device. Digitizing your movies give you more options to enjoy movies any time you want. You can travel with a light luggage without sacrificing your hobby of watching movies. 



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Give The Gift Of Memories This Christmas With Digital Keepsakes By GO-DIGITAL

This year, if you are unsure about what to gift family and friends for Christmas, turn your photos and home videos into beautiful movies that you can wrap up as the perfect gift of endless memory, or that can be shared on Facebook, Instagram and more. From wedding bells to baby showers, help your loved ones relive decades of memories on any modern device including desktop, smartphones and tablets, digitizing the memories so that they can be enjoyed in a whole new way.


After all, as photos and videos get old, they gain sentimental value. Unfortunately, they also progressively run a greater risk of loss, not to mention that VCR is a dying technology while viewing a reel-to-reel film with a noisy projector and a bed sheet is downright impractical.


Therefore, it’s time to upgrade your footage from home reels to Hollywood technology. The reason for this is four-fold.


  1. Viewing and sharing memories becomes hassle-free


Why manage a collection of VHS tapes, DVDs and negatives when you can have all your memories on your computer and other devices. Digitizing your memories also means that you can enjoy them any time and share them on social media.



  1. Your memories are fading


At the same time, videotapes and photos were never meant to last forever. With each passing year, they are degrading a little more everyday. If you’re memories are important to you, you better preserve them so you can keep them usable and safe for future generations.



  1. It’s never been easier to digitize


Additionally, no matter how old your photos and videos are, they can be converted into digital format. Just pick a reputable lab and send in your aging tapes, film, pictures and audio recordings. Within a few weeks, you will receive your digital copies along with your originals.



  1. Never lose anything


And finally, with digital keepsakes, you can reconnect with memories that matter most, but are being overlooked with unlabeled tapes and other clips you forgot existed.

The Digitization Of Magnetic Media To Prevent Degradation | A Guide By GO-DIGITAL

Until the 1980s, virtually all audio and video production was made using analog recorders. This changed rapidly at the end of the 20th century when factors and challenges affecting tape life became apparent. For example, all audiovisual material on tape is under threat of deterioration, damage or obsolescence. The truth is that tape recording technology consists of two components - the magnetic tape and the recorder, neither of which is designed to last forever. Additionally,


  1. Information recorded on a tape is subject to chemical degradation of the tape components including binder degradation, lubricant loss, magnetic particle instabilities and substrate deformation.


  1. When you make a copy of an analogue tape, it is susceptible to tape noise and the sound and video signals are degraded with each generation.


  1. Video editing is more tedious with analogue tapes.


Therefore, it makes sense that the good old days of linear video editing are numbered while computer based editing software has been adopted throughout many industries including film, industrial and consumer video. The chief advantage of digital tapes is that copies of the recording can be made without any loss in quality. Digital recording is also progressively becoming more affordable, liberating and sophisticated.


With unparalleled customer service and experience in the art of digitizing old analog formats, GO-DIGITAL is a premier digital lab committed to preserving outdated tapes, film, photos and audio into digital keepsakes. We believe that some things are supposed to be kept usable and safe for future generations, whether it’s a wedding video, a graduation speech or a presentation for work. At GO-DIGITAL, we especially specialize in the conversion of videotapes, home reels, photo, audio, slides and negatives into digital files.


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